Thursday, June 16, 2011

ISO inspiration?

I have no idea WHY, oh why, whenever I post to the blog I need to make it a novel.

How would I ever survive on Tumblr?

So it's June, and maybe my mid-year resolution could be to blog more often? Can I do it? If I keep things short, focused, topical...and limit my rants...maybe.

I've been at my current job over a year, and people ask me how I like it. Truth is, I love the patients, the families, the interventions, thinking about diagnoses and the "why" of behaviors. What is going on in the brain? And how can I best convey that to the person living with the condition...or to their family members?

I like my coworkers, too--my department colleagues are supportive, my unit buddies are fun and engaged and team players and caring.

But the paperwork is an albatross (can you let me have this one cliche? Pretty please?), clunky and annoying and such a poor use of my time. Time for a PDF hack, maybe, to make my life a little less painful.

And I do miss being a commuter, oddly enough. I make the most of my time on the turnpike, in the traffic jams, listening to several books-on-CD per week across the whole spectrum of genres. But I yearn for the time I had to write, to observe, to think. Yes, I don't get much time to think.

I was at old hospital this evening, for a volunteer committee meeting, and I miss the energy there, the opportunity to be progressive and innovative and to take chances. A part of me wants to go back. Hmmm.

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