Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And then...

Last time I wrote, I was organizing my life around the schedule of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 (I missed the curling? How did that happen?). I was struggling to accept a job layoff and thinking seriously about what I needed to experience satisfaction in my career. I was coping with the opinions, emotions, musical tastes, and dietary quirks of my three teens.

And I had settled into a lovely routine of writing, almost daily: regularly while commuting on the train, frequently on those days I worked at home. I was planning an Olympic hiatus--two weeks--and now it's been two months and my life is very different.

I did miss Curling; I wanted to see any part of the tourney, didn't have to be the finals, but when it's being broadcast at 2 AM...who decided that only insomniacs and 3rd-shift workers got to enjoy the more esoteric sports?

I contented myself with ice sports, forcing my children to watch every lingering moment of ice dancing and figure skating, prelims, finals, top contenders, just-made-the-team athletes.

I went on a number of job interviews, some uglier than others, and became totally unnerved when I learned I was a top candidate for a job that I thought was totally beyond my experience. (There were days when I was being romanced by the recruiter that I suspected I was NOT the top candidate...I was the ONLY candidate). And I was hired, by a rehab hospital, doing what I spent the better part of my career doing.

That interview was trippy as well: they needed to hire someone yesterday (I promised to eschew cliches, but you have to allow me that one, as it is the most accurate description of the situation); and my CV, listing more that ample experience in the very role, led to an interview in which I was being sold on the hospital (rather than me selling myself). That I could pass a mirror test seemed a plus...

But it's turned out to be what I need right now: clinical work with patients, support from colleagues, my own office, a pleasant atmosphere, welcoming staff from all departments, a reasonable paycheck, and the requirement that I develop flawless organizational skills.

On the other side, I'm up before the sun. Which means it is way past bedtime. But at least this snippet is a start. I need the writing in my life; I also need the discipline to make it happen.

I gave up my train rides, which were replaced by a highway commute, EZ-Pass, and books on tape. And the first cuppa coffee in the morning.

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