Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

Tonight I learned that Classical Music (the real stuff, like Mozart)has improv. They hide it under a fancy Italian name--cadenza--but it is as free-flowing and alive as jazz, and was long before jazz ever came on the scene. Not to diss jazz, of course. (Think of Wolfgang as a guy just jammin' with his friends.)

I think the difference between political conservatives and liberals is this: conservatives see the role of government as a means to interface with other countries (an external focus). Liberals see the role of government as taking care of its own people (an internal focus). I still think I am more liberal-minded; I believe charity should begin at home.

How can there be a job posting for a "non-tenure track clinical educator position" seeking someone with a "history of productive research" and "demonstrated ability to obtain grant funding". If they are looking for a researcher, just say so. And if the person has grant funding, why are they looking for a job?

I am not entirely sure what the little screw is for on my digital thermometer. Because when I dropped it, it popped apart...and could only be reassembled by snapping everything together...with the little screw strategically placed before snapping. (Yup, it didn't screw in. Odd.)

And the goal of the survey by the toilet paper company ("pull from the top" vs. "pull from the bottom") would be...?

I complained to my husband that the paint we were using in our son's room would remove itself when I painted over wet paint areas (you know, when making sure I had a good coat on; how can paint stick to itself more than the surface it's covering??). He told me it did this because it's ceiling paint. So I want to know, how does the paint know if it's on the ceiling or on the walls?

Why does all mascara--even waterproof--always come off when I wear it? I can be sitting on my hands, never touching my face, and it doesn't matter.

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