Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gotta do it

I did ride the train today, but I did not write. Tsk-tsk. I was too busy reading a book, "Making It Stick" by the brothers Heath (I keep on mistakenly writing their name as "Health"...I think I've worked in hospitals too long.) A very readable, interesting book on effective communication, especially in organizations trying to brand themselves or initiate a culture change. They cite Gladwell--whose books I also ordered from the library--about decision making and thought processes. It's all fun stuff and I wonder how I can put it to good professional use.

I have an interview tomorrow. My heart's not fully in it: it's a place that I interviewed at earlier in the year (three times, in fact, over the course of the summer) only to be told that I didn't make the cut. I tried to handle it graciously but events that unfolded afterward led me to feel bitter; sour grapes, I guess (I promised myself to strictly avoid, avoid, avoid cliches, but there is no other way to illustrate my reaction than to cite Aesop).

There are some aspects of the place that really appeal to me, and some that make me a bit edgy...I'm not sure if it is the best career move for me. I am feeling my age and no longer wanting to waste time doing something or being somewhere that isn't a good fit for my personality, skills, and interests. I want to interact with people that I can work with. I want to make a difference. I don't want to be stuck somewhere without options.

I have two, now three other resumes floating around out there. I need to call one fellow and confirm that the fax of my info arrived in his hands. I am waiting to get a phone call from a headhunter about 'next steps' for another position for which they are recruiting (this one would be my ideal, a great opportunity to grow professionally... but there may be some conflicts of interest affecting my chances, and I may not quite have the credentials they are seeking). I just--moments ago--submitted an online app to another hospital, but I have submitted to them before and had the feeling my resume was sent off into the ether and never reached the desk of HR (all my efforts to email the HR contact at that time were ignored. Wonder if she was fired). I think a wise decision would be to fax them a paper copy. Tomorrow.

OK, let me draft a cover letter pronto. It's a job I know I can do. I have what it takes. It would get me close to where I want to be.

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