Sunday, January 24, 2010

Changing Jobs

So I just have a few minutes to keep my promise to myself of daily--well, nearly daily--blogging while I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can shut it off and let it air dry.

So...what do I say?

I can say that I just applied for a job online, with a local hospital. And my contact was correct: the online app has to be the klugiest system ever. It extracted data from my resume and turned it into...well, let's just say that this system is NOT an example of intelligent design. (Given that it turned everything I did into a job, I just deleted anything older than 20 yrs ago. If they need to see if I'm legit, they can certainly reference the CV I attached).

I can pat myself on the back because I made tomorrow night's dinner: two-bean chili, all vegetarian. (I also managed to hide half the seitan in it.) My daughter, doin' the teen thing, has decided to be a vegetarian. Tonight at dinner--a stir-fry done in pieces so that carnivores could add their own meat--I growled at my family assembled around the table and said they were the most difficult group to cook for. Daughter wants totally meatless, not even chicken broth; fish OK but not shrimp because "they crunch--ewww!". Son #1 dislikes all sea creatures, unless it's Uncle John's (a family friend) smoked trout. Son #2 is mortally afraid of cheese. Husband, who claims he eats everything, refused my Scotch Broth (altho he darn well ate the lamb--what's with that?), explaining his resistance is due to a childhood trauma. And I am ready to delegate the whole enterprise to someone, anyone, who wants to have the delightful fun of doing the marketing, trying to buy as close to the source as possible, consider all nutritional factors (salt, fat, sugar, carb, fiber, trans fat, cholesterol, antioxidants, vitamin profile, preservatives, artificial anything), try to get the best value cost-wise, and then transform it into something edible.

You want this job? It's yours.

OK, the dishwasher is done. Time for bed.

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